An Phat Plastic (AAA): Joining hands to support victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Hai Duong province

It is estimated that, in Vietnam, about 4.8 million Vietnamese people have been infected with Agent Orange / Dioxin. Hundreds of thousands them have died; millions of them and their descendants are living in disease and poverty due to Agent Orange.
With the donation of VND 10,000,000 to the Agent Orange / Dioxin victims, B.O.D hope that this will be the most practical action contributing to improving their quality of life, helping them gradually get rid of deprivation, as well as enhancing their spiritual life.
Mr. Duong Xuan Ty – Party Committee Secretary of An Phat Plastic gave an amount of VND 10,000,000 to victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Hai Duong province.
In recent years, besides production and business boosting activities, striving to become the largest thin-film packaging producer in Southeast Asia, An Phat Plastic has always focused on implementing Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Specifically, the company has established An Phat Charity Fund with the purpose of assisting families and individuals in need, especially helping those with contribution to the country and victims of war. An Phat Plastic hopes to carry out more CSR activities both locally and nationally, to develop a prosperous country.

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