An Phat Plastic (AAA): An act of gratitude in commemoration of the 69th anniversary of The War Invalids And Martyrs Day

At the “Lighting the candle to express gratitude to the martyrs ceremony” on July 26, 2016 evening, Mr. Pham Hoang Viet – Permanent Deputy General Director of An Phat Plastic and Ms. Tran Thi Thoan – Business Deputy General Director gave 30 gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers, families under preferential treatment policy and those with meritorious contributions to the revolution.
Participating in the gratitude activities, Mr. Duong Xuan Ty – An Phat Plastic’s Secretary of the Party Committee of said: Caring, helping and improving the lives of wounded soldiers, martyrs’ families, people with meritorious contributions to the revolution are the moral traditional values of “Act of gratitude ” and “Drink water to remember the source”. These activities have contributed to the spiritual encouragement, partly compensating for the pain and loss that they have sacrificed to protect the independence, freedom and peace for the country.

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