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An Phat Holdings gives 3 tons of goods to the Quang Tri people affected by floods

At the end of October, nearly 5,000 employees of An Phat Holdings (APH) actively participated in support activities towards flooded people in Trieu Trung commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province. APH donated 3 tons of goods including rice, instant noodles, instant porridge, seeds, other essentials things to thousands of households in Trieu Trung commune.

APH donated many essential goods to people in Central Vietnam

This relief activity are coordinated by APH in collaboration with the authorities of Trieu Trung commune. This is one of the most damaged area after storm with more than 1,300 out of 1,450 households completely flooded, many of whom have not been evacuated.

Sharing the loss with families affected by floods, Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong – Vice Chairman, CEO of APH said: “An Phat Holdings always want to contribute a part of our efforts, together to help people of Central Vietnam, share both material and spirit. As an enterprise, in addition to promote business, APH also focuses on perfoming social responsibility and developing community ”.

Besides 3 tons of goods, APH also called upon the staffs to promote spirit of mutual love, the leaves protect tattered ones, join hands to support and help people who affected by floods.

Over the years, APH has deployed many activities towards community, including: Supporting flooded people in the Central Vietnam in 2018; Donating to the Agent Orange/ Dioxin Victims fund in Hai Duong province and Receive monthly support for Vietnamese Heroic Mothers in Hai Duong province;…


An Phat Holdings (APH) is one of the leading groups operating in the field of high-tech and eco-friendly plastic production in Southeast Asia.

Over the past two decades, it has become the number one thin monolayer film producer in Southeast Asia with 15 member companies throughout Vietnam and branches in the United States, Singapore, South Korea and France etc.

Out of 15 member companies, APH currently owns four listed enterprises: An Phat Holdings (ticker code as APH), An Phat Bioplastics JSC (AAA), Hanoi Plastics JSC (NHH), and An Tien Industries JSC (HII).

With many companies in the plastic ecosystem, APH has affirmed brand name, prestige and position in overseas markets like Europe, America, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines…

An Phat Holdings is currently one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of thin monolayer film in Southeast Asia. APH has also partnered with many multinational companies including Honda, Toyota, Samsung, Piaggio, LG Electronics…

In the field of materials and chemicals, An Phat Holdings is one of the leading plastics resin traders in Vietnam.

Furthermore, the enterprise has affirmed its position as a reputable exporter for items such as plastic additives, high-tech interior plastics products… APH has also expanded and invested into industrial real estate.

In particular, An Phat Holdings is the first enterprise in Vietnam, and one of the few enterprises in the world to successfully produce compostable materials and products up to international standards under its AnEco brand.

APH also plans to build the first and largest green material factory in Vietnam to serve the needs of domestic and foreign production and export of raw materials and green products.

The enterprise is close to its goal of becoming a leader in high-tech and eco-friendly plastics production in Southeast Asia. Besides, the group has set a revenue target at $1 billion for 2025.

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