PE Masterbatch

Product introduction

PE Filler Masterbatch is the Polyethylene based Masterbatch containing pure Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 powder, polyethylene PE as the carrier and other appropriate additives.

This product is manufactured in Vietnam by An Tien Industries JSC widely used as Filler to reduce production cost, improve the heat resistance, slip resistance, size stability and printability.

It also reduces heat release from burning and therefore it prevents further environmental pollution


Manufacturing methods Applications
Blown film PE based films & bags (T-shirt bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, agricultural films, breathable films,…)
Injection moulding Housewares, tanks, etc
Extrusion HDPE/PE, pipe, bar, etc
Blow moulding HDPE bottles, jerry cans, containers, etc


Items Test Method Unit About Result Allowed
Carrier resin ASH TESTER PE
CaCO3 Content ASH TESTER % 75~85
Density ASTM D1506 g/cm3 1.80~1.87
Moisture content IR % >0.3
Melting flow index (190°C/ 2.16kg) ASTM D1238 g/10mins 0.1~30
Particle size Caliper mm 1.9~2.4
Appearance White
CaCO3 Powder Size Malvern 3000E micron D97=10-18


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