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US Embassy lauds An Phat Holdings for new factory in US

The environmentally-friendly packaging factory of An Phat Holdings JSC is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2020 to deliver products to the northern US area. 

On January 31, 2019, An Phat Holdings JSC (code: APH) received the high-level delegation of the US Embassy in Vietnam, including Eric Hsu (commercial counsellor), Ton That Tuan, and Tuyet Tress, visiting An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC (An Phat Plastic), a subsidiary producing plastic thin film packaging. 

APH has been strengthening business and affairs in the US recently. Accordingly, APH will develop a factory to produce environmentally-friendly packaging in the country, namely An Phat USA. The factory is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2020 and deliver products around the northern US first. 

An Phat Plastic welcoming the US Embassy delegation
An Phat Plastic welcoming the US Embassy delegation

The products of An Phat US contain biodegradable microcomputer bags, PE bags, and other environment-friendly plastic items. The factory will apply high-technology, synchronous automation, and optimise capacity through 300 modern machines. 

This move is part of the strategy of expanding and developing APH’s global market, as well as show the group’s determination to become a leading group of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic products in Southeast Asia. 

An Phat Plastic's chairman Pham Anh Duong introducing some of the company's products
An Phat Plastic’s chairman Pham Anh Duong introducing some of the company’s products

APH’s plastic thin film packaging is now present in more than 100 countries and regions over the world, including fastidious and demanding markets like Japan, the US, and the EU. Especially, biodegradable microcomputer bag AnEco has been highly appreciated by customers over the world. Developing a new factory in the US will enable APH to approach global customers with environmentally friendly and affordable products. 

Also during the visit to An Phat Plastic, Eric Hsu, commercial counsellor, and Pham Anh Duong, chairman of APH, discussed the business opportunities of APH in US. Eric Hsu highlighted APH’s efforts in developing its business network across international markets, particularly in the US, which will strengthen trade exchange and the socioeconomic development of the two countries. 

Eric Hsu reviewing some products of An Phat Plastic
Eric Hsu reviewing some products of An Phat Plastic

APH is a leading company in the field of advanced technology and environmentally friendly plastic production in Southeast Asia. With 11 member companies, two of which have been listed on the stock market in Vietnam, focusing on the sectors of environment-friendly plastic bags, high-tech plastic resin, chemical and plastic additives, and plastic inputs, the company set the target of $1 billion in revenue by 2025. 

Along with the world trend to shift the consumption of high-tech plastic products to replace normal ones, APH has poured so much into R&D and upgraded machines to produce environmentally friendly products. AnEco has achieved numerous international certificates for its “clean” and “green” products. 

The company is also planning to develop a self-destructive fork and knife manufacturing factory in Vietnam, contributing to protecting the environment and the Earth. 

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